Bookshelf - Done

Ever read the blogs of other bloggers and they show you gorgeous rooms that they transformed in a weekend? Layla of The Lettered Cottage is a great example of this, or Jessica of Four Generations, 1 Roof. I'm most definitely NOT a good example of this! I've been working on my daughter's big girl room, slowly but surely for over 6 months now.

 The back is a light pink, but can easily be changed over the years.
I really need a wide angle lens to get better pictures of her room.
 And the light that finally allowed me to get some pictures that weren't grainy or dark!
 It's the Pink Alyssa Chandelier from Pottery Barn.

Want a peek of the old light? It had a single bulb in it and the room was terribly dark for pictures.

First, she moved in to an empty room with just a bed
Then I painted some shelves and added some knick knack's and a couple of pictures.
Then I refurbished 2 chairs and a rocking chair
Then I cleared out her closet and brought in about half of her clothes
Then DH built a bookshelf for her and I painted it and filled it with books and toys and her menagerie of stuffed animals.  She promptly emptied the stuffed animals back into her bed.

Remaining list to be completed:
Tablecloth for her table
6 picture frames to be built
Bedside table to be built - wait until you see what I have in store for this!
Toy box to be built
Closet to be gutted and redone (I was using it as an office/desk area)
When we are ready to put new flooring in the house we'll rip out the wallpaper and put up board and batten and shaker pegs

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