Pönnukökur - Recipe

Every family has their recipes that only come out certain times of the year, whether it be THE Christmas cookie, or Auntie's eggnog recipe or Grandma's pecan pie. In my house, it was generally a lot of Icelandic recipes, including this one for my Amma's Pönnukökur. They were only made on special occasions, I'm guessing mainly because the pancakes, like waffles, are made one at a time. The recipe makes a lot of them so it's a somewhat long ordeal, but well worth it. For some reason, I decided to make these for breakfast on Saturday and thought I'd share the recipe.  You'll want to make these on a crepe pan or a griddle, something where it can cook flat to be flipped. Icelanders actually have a special pan well seasoned just for making these pancakes, and just about every household has one. I'll say it's not necessary to try them out, but if you love them and intend to make them often the pan is worth it.

Pönnukokur or Crepes Recipe



250 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
25-50 g margarine or butter (1 stick)
6-7 dl milk
2 eggs


Add dry ingredients to a large bowl, whisk to mix
Melt margarine or butter on pan if using crepe or Pönnukokur pan (else melt in microwave)
Pour melted butter into dry ingredients and whisk with some milk until a smooth paste forms.
Add remaining milk to make a thin batter
Beat in eggs
Pour into pan preheated over medium high heat using 1/4-1/3 cup
Rotate pan until fully covered
After edges are cooked through to the top, use a spatula to loosen the pancake and flip it
Let cook just a bit and flip it over onto a plate
Repeat with the remaining batter

To serve:
Sprinkle with sugar and roll up
Spread with a thin layer of jam and a dollop of whip cream in the middle, then fold in half and in half again to form a wedge shape


Earlier this month I shared the chairs I worked on for Kirsten's room. Then we started working on the bookshelf. Hubby built a really nice big sturdy bookshelf to my exact specifications, and it's perfect. He made it out of pine since I intend to paint it white. He put some nicer fronts on the shelves and a routed edge on the top.

I got the back primed in the evenings, intending to do the shelves over the weekend. And then it got hot, like unbearable to work in the garage for 2 hours at a time even with the garage door wide open hot. So, he and I managed to get 1 coat of primer on it one Friday afternoon about 2 weeks ago, and it has sat like that since then. The back is done, but the shelves top and side still sit paintless. This weekend is supposed to be all thunderstorms, but today... today is beautiful. So, as soon as I get home this afternoon, I will be putting the 2nd coat of primer on it. Hopefully, if all goes well it will be in her bedroom before next weekend. I'm anxious to move more of her stuff into her room, so it will feel more like her room to her.

We've been spending weekends at county fairs and the drive-in theatre and at birthday parties and a wedding. Enough fun though, I'm ready to get back to work and get her room finished up.