Rocking Chair Makeover

I thought I should stop for a bit and actually share some of what's been going on around here. I've been working on all sorts of little projects for Kirsten's big girl room. The first project was a complete makeover of a rocking chair we bought at a garage sale.

It was only $13 and I knew I'd be painting it when I bought it. It was an old child's rocking chair that had been black at one point, then painted green.

Originally, I was going to try to salvage the seating, and just replace it one day when my daughter killed it. After turning it over though it looked as if it had sat in water possibly. So I decided to go ahead and replace it. A few minutes with a hammer and screwdriver later I was looking in between the caning and I'm so very glad I chose to replace the seat. It has definitely sat in water at some point. Ick!

So, left with just the bones of the chair I spent a few days sanding, priming, painting and hubby helped me build a new seat for it. I painted the chair in Valspar Signature Waverly Clean White in an eggshell finish. I wanted it to have very little sheen, but still be able to wipe it. 

Her name is painted in a blend of a pink and white I had on hand, so I don't have a paint name for it. I wanted a very pale pink, so it wasn't obvious unless you were within a few feet of the chair. It turned out exactly how I imagined.

We measured and cut a leftover piece of plywood we had in the garage to fit for a seat. I covered it with a piece of foam cut to fit and sheet of polyfil and finally white cotton. I covered the bottom with a piece of outdoor fabric cut to fit the size of the base of the seat. I didn't want threads or bits of fabric or foam or anything exposed that she might be tempted to pull at.

I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out! Most importantly though, Kirsten LOVES her rocking chair.

And the before and after again. This was the first little bit of furniture I've tackled, but I have a bunch more to share this week.  We've been busy here!


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