Children's Chairs

Since I was making over the rocking chair and had all the supplies and tools out to cover seats. I went ahead and covered two other seats at the same time.

We picked up two of these chairs at a garage for $5 for the pair.  They are wood, except the seats were cheap laminate with a plastic edging. Ick!

Kirsten loves the little chairs and will drag them up to the coffee table for puzzles or snack. I cringed every time I saw the seats.

So, they were treated to the same foam, polyfill sheet, white cotton fabric treatment as the rocking chair seat. It is highly probable that they'll be painted one day, but I need to get an accompanying table for them first.  Depending on what I find for a table may dictate how I handle these chairs.

I like the covered seat much better than the laminate and plastic that was there before.

So, she has two little chairs, now I just need a small table to go with them and she'll be all set for tea parties or arts and crafts.


  1. I have a lil thing for lil chairs love them.My Girls always had many and now my Grandson uses them too.Great lil find~Cheers Kim

    1. Thank you Kim! I'm slowly getting her big girl room put together, but I have to refinish a lot of little bits and things that don't match right now :D I can't wait until it's all done.


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