Bye Bye Library

Rosemaling Bed in Kirsten's Big Girl Room

So, last Thursday evening my daughter climbed up the side of her crib and fell out with a big thud. Her crib is fairly deep, deeper than average, it was one of the reasons I was smitten with her round crib. I've been planning to move her in to a big girl bed for potty training for a little while now, but first we had to clear room in the basement to move all of the bookcases out of my library/office. I also needed a new home for my office which was previously occupying the closet of the library.

I found a beautiful secretary desk on craigslist for only $375 and I think she is gorgeous, picture and details coming soon! All of my stationary, design/decor and artsy/craftsy project components will be completely housed in it. The only exception is my painting supplies, which I still have to figure out. Canvases and my portfolio are rather large.

I wanted to strip wallpaper, add board and batten with shaker pegs, replace light switches and lighting... however, after she fell out of the crib everything got fast-tracked. The library is now an empty room with a bed in it, the walls are still wallpapered and the lighting is still dated, as are the switches. I'm totally in love with her bed, though it is 3 inches wider than a standard twin? Not sure what that is supposed to be.  So hubby bought wood to cut slats, and we've made it work.

The wallpaper stripping, painting, board and batten and shaker pegs will just have to wait for a little later. I've spent the last few days organizing and PURGING. I think I've shrunk my office items by 50%. I got realistic about my scrapbooking, or rather lack thereof, a few months ago and gave most of my supplies to a friend of mine that actually scrapbooks and makes cards.  Well I found another stash for her, so I'll bring them to her this week.

I have a small yarn stash which I may have to get real about too. I was crocheting a bit before Kirsten was born, making booties and hats and scarves. I haven't touched any of it since then. If I don't touch it at all in the next 6 months, it needs to be donated to someone who will use it, like my aunt.  I've set a calendar reminder for December 31, 2012.

I have a decent number of blank stationary and thank you's, so I'm not permitted to buy more until what I have is used up (a year or two).  I have a bit of a pretty paper addiction. I want to be the sort of person who sits down and writes lovely notes to various friends and family members. But let's be real, if I have something to say, I will call or email or Facebook or think about calling or emailing or Facebooking (totally a word), but don't get around to it often enough. The days of beautiful penmanship on an envelope coming in the mail are mostly in the past. I've allowed my penmanship to get sloppy, more of a scrawl halfway between writing and printing with a few made up letterforms that hang on from when I was in middle school and expressing my creativity.

So, it's been a crazy week, but I've taken lots of pictures and I have a lot of little projects in the works to share. Not to mention the rest of the posts from Iceland.


  1. Thanks for the warning... lol! I am sorting supplies and photos and realizing I have to clean off my work table and actually get back to scrapping! I love it and I have so many ideas! So K's bed is gorgeous. Can't wait til you can finish out her room like you want!

    1. *laugh* It's smallish stuff, no papers or bulky stuff this time. Brads, stickers, etc. And now it'll probably be this weekend instead of this week, since I'm home with her.

      I'm reworking her chairs right now, and I have picture frames ordered. Hopefully it'll be all done, including the walls and lighting by the end of the summer. Along with all the other projects we HAVE to get done this year. Oh, and I bought a DVD that shows basic slipcovering techniques, so I'll do that finally too! I hope.


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