Big Girl Bed

My intent was to move Kirsten into a toddler bed for a couple of years and eventually into a twin back in what is the nursery after the next baby outgrows it.

You can see the initial plan in this post, toddler bump bed included. To recap with just the image and sources:
Image sources from top right: Bump Bed; Canopy; Side Table;
Doily LampToy BoxTable and Chairs; Bookshelves;
Shaker PegsBoard and Batten; Fairy Lights

I absolutely fell in love with the bed we bought her when I saw it, and am reworking the room a little bit around the bed. Since the bed is twin sized, I have a round white ottoman I am putting at the foot of the bed. I can still do the canopy around it. I do have to come up with a solution for books.  Maybe a small basket next to the ottoman or under her nightstand.  She doesn't need a lot of books in her big girl room just a few to read each night, the family room and nursery both have wall to wall bookshelves with lots of room for the books.
Beautiful Rosemaling Bed by Hob Nob Artisan
Just a quick word about the bed, I got it from Hob Nob Artisan on etsy.  Jennifer is the seller and she was AMAZING! It's obviously a bigger item, so we were coordinating shipping and such and sent quite a few emails back and forth with each other by the end of the transaction. She was a dream to work with and I would definitely buy from her again as a seller. Plus, her rosemaling and attention to detail is absolutely beautiful! I also got a little matching shelf for her room which is hung above her bed right now, I'll get a nice picture of it once I style it.
Rosemaling bed by Hob Nob Artisan on etsy
Footboard Rosemaling detail
About four years ago, Meadowbrook moved from downtown to a mall area. When they did, they had a large sale of floor models and decor that they had used that hadn't been for sale, rugs, lighting, cabinets, etc. Well, I bought a rug for our family room, but I also bought some very nice linen Battenberg lace shelf liners, 2 for $5. I had no particular plan for the liners, I was thinking initially as a bit of a runner for a table by my kitchen window, but they were way too long and it just looked awkward trying to adjust it. I folded them up and tucked them away figuring I might fashion them into a valance or something eventually.

Well, I need a bed skirt for my daughter's bed and I've been looking online and white pretty ones aren't cheap.  Even a simple white twin bed skirt with no frills is about $20-$30. So, I decided to make one, something simple nothing fancy. Well, when I was trying to find a white bed sheet to use for a bed skirt and to cover some kids chair seats, I found these all folded up and tucked away. Perfect! I ironed and and ironed and ironed some more, they were terribly wrinkled. And they are a perfect fit for her bed! It really was fate. There are two shelf liners and they are the perfect size lengthwise for the length of the bed, and folded in half they perfectly fit the end of the bed.  I do need to adjust the length a tiny bit on the end, a bit of tucking and pulling will fix it. All in all though, I think it turned out perfectly!

Battenberg lace shelf liner bed skirt
The improvised shelf liner bed skirt, it needs a slight adjustment here

Battenberg lace shelf liner bed skirt
The improvised shelf liner bed skirt
 The most important part is that my daughter absolutely loves her big girl bed, although she hasn't slept in it yet. We're easing her in slowly, plus she'll like it more when she has more of "her stuff" in the room.

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