Weekend Sewing Projects

So, once I started sewing little things for our Iceland trip with the I-Spy bag I posted yesterday, I didn't really want to stop. I also picked up some alphabet beads when I was at Michael's and I used them to make an alphabet I-Spy bag as well.

I-Spy Bag

Alphabet I-Spy Bag

I'll be using this for letter recognition for now, then as she gets older she can use it for finding the alphabet, and when she is even older for finding words in the letters.  I put a little wrist strap on this one made of fold-over elastic (foe).  She carted it into the car with her this morning to take to school, so I consider that to be a success.  Nothing is supposed to go to school, but she wanted to keep it with her just for in the car.

Dolls Sleeping Bag and Quilted Pillow

I had stitched up a tiny bit of quilting 3x4 when I was like 16 for Girl Scouts.  I've held on to it in my little sewing basket for all these years.  This weekend I stitched it to a back and stuffed it to make a little pillow.  Then I stitched up a little sleeping bag with a sweet little ruffle for her dolly.  She was already in bed at this point so I put it on her chair for her to discover in the morning.

My daughter playing with her dolls new Sleeping Bag and Quilted Pillow
You should have seen her eyes!  They were so wide, she was so excited about this.  I have pictures, but she's just in underwear (potty training) so I don't want to put them online.  Here's a little close up of when she found them though.


  1. Great projects - these are things she'll treasure forever!

    1. I don't know that the sleeping bag and pillow will hold up forever :) We'll see. The i-spy bags should hold up though, since I zig-zag stitched the edges, I don't have a serger.


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