Taking Care of the Little Things

It's been a busy and interesting week, I spent last night setting up a Facebook page for the blog. I know quite a few people like to track their blogs through Facebook these days instead of traditional readers.

Like Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers on Facebook... Pretty please.

Kirsten LOVES to push the buttons on the front of the dishwasher, and we usually keep it slightly ajar so she doesn't start it accidentally. So she was pushing buttons and somehow turned on the child lock. Child lock... brilliant! Except I had no idea how to turn it on or off, so I got to spend some time the other night trying to figure out how to turn the child lock off. Bonus to this though is I now know how to turn it on!

After I went through the two closets, I spent some time this week taking care of a few little things and spots around my house that have been driving me crazy for a while. It's funny how many times I'll look at something and it'll bother me, but I think I don't have time to take care of it right that moment. It turns out some of these things took me less than 5 minutes to deal with from start to finish. LESS THAN 5 MINUTES??? Why, oh why, didn't I take care of them sooner? They're minor, trivial things, but it's still nice to get them done. A dear bloggy friend of mine, Susan, wrote about this very thing this week. I wonder if there is something in the air, or perhaps the season? I read her post and knew EXACTLY how she felt. I feel a little less stuck today though, than I did on Monday. Hopefully I can keep going for a while, I still have a few BIG projects to accomplish this spring.

Getting the little things off my mental list felt as good as getting the big things done. So if you have 5 minutes, maybe tackle the small pile of papers, or the phone dumping ground, or the little table in the entry or the pile of shoes, or whatever little thing has been bugging you for a while. When you are done, come back and share a cup of coffee with me... we'll chat a while.


  1. What a sweet way to refer to me Barbara: "a dear bloggy friend" :)

    Well I organized a shelf in my craft room and returned items that had scattered around the room back onto that shelf. It's a start!

    I definitely feel less stuck, thanks to the chat with you and Cheeryshirley in the comments section of my post.

    I appreciate the support.

    1. Well you are a dear friend that I met through blogging :)

      I do think it's the season, at least for me. Once spring hits I no longer want the "weight" of the winter months... all the little things that have piled up begin to bug me. All the extra blankets and pillows draped, piled, hung up around the family room bug me. They're little things, but I stop seeing them during the winter I think because I'm inside and they are constantly in my sight.

      Congrats on the shelf! Each little thing I did last week made me feel better and lighter, hopefully you feel the same :)

      The house isn't perfect, far from it! But it's bugging me less and I'm feeling less stuck with each thing I get done. Your post made me realize I'm not alone in that feeling which motivated me to keep going with the clearing, organizing, purging, what have you :)


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