Spring Cleaning Projects Update

Remember this post?  Well I have 2 projects done, and realize that things take a lot longer to do with a toddler.

  • Front Hall Closet - I'd love to add shelves to add some pantry space for a few things we buy in bulk
  • Back Hall Closet - Needs a better shoe storage solution than kick them off onto the floor of the closet
  • Game/Sewing Closet - Wow, just a big mess right now
  • Garage - Gardening/Storage Side - just needs cleaning and organizing
  • Garage - Tool/Workshop Side - needs better storage
  • Garage - Front End - this should be cleared out completely

Ok, so the front hall closet didn't get pantry space, mainly because we have a little tv issue which still needs to be dealt with at some point.  I did move my sewing items into that closet freeing up room in the game closet for some toy rotation bins and my office stuff that I have to move out of the library (which is becoming Kirsten's big girl room). I'm currently looking for a secretary desk, but until then I need a place to store all the photo albums and few remaining craft supplies I kept after a big purge last fall.

Anyway, before and after's are in order!  I can't believe how messy these two closets got!  I haven't reorganized them in about 5 years and it showed!  It was hard to get good pictures of the game closet, since it's in a hallway, even with a wide angle lens.

This is the messy game closet

Hubby installed 2 ft deep shelving every 8"
The top 2 shelves on both sides will be 1 ft deep
to give better access to those items
Just what the closet needed and now there is plenty
of room for my office items and toy bins in the bottom
The baskets hold smaller card games, dice, cribbage
board, marbles, dominoes, etc

We also painted the closet before putting the shelves in
So we have a lovely bit of soft blue peeking through from the back

The disaster of a front hall closet.
I know, I know... I'm hanging my head in shame
So much purging to be done here

We moved the shelves that were holding the games into this closet
All of the holiday items in bags on hanger got moved into bins with
the rest of the holiday items in the basement where they belonged!
I used to just shove all the extra grocery bags into a bag and hang it.
Now they are neatly shoved into those two wipes containers on the
shelf, once they are full the rest will be pitched from now on.

Now there is room for my sewing/embroidery items and the VACUUM.
I'm extremely happy it doesn't have to be tucked into my closet anymore!
I'm almost embarrassed to post these, but I'm soooooo very happy with the after in both of them.  The little shelf on the right hand side about halfway up the height of the closet holds the tv, which limited what I could do in this closet a bit.  The tv faces out into the dinette area, I guess the previous owners watched tv while eating.  We don't watch tv or even answer the phone during dinner, so we have yet to turn it on and we've lived in the house for 8 years.

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