Swedish Almond Cake

Very easy to make and oh, so delicious. The special form does make a difference in the way the cake turns out, if you don't have the form though, feel free to use a different pan. I've used mini-loaf pans, and regular loaf pans somewhat successfully. The cake in the form doesn't really brown at all and is a delightfully soft, dense, almost chewy cake. Whereas, if you make it in a loaf pan, it will tend to brown on all sides and the browned parts are more of a sugar chewy texture. Still good, but definitely better in the proper form, in my opinion.

I love swapping out the almond extract for lemon extract and a bit of grated lemon rind. I've also had success with orange, vanilla and rum extracts. Also, for this cake I buy pure almond extract, not imitation.

It's so easy to make that my almost two year old, Kirsten, helps me with adding ingredients to the mixer bowl. It's all done in the same bowl, no premixing these things together, then those things, etc.  She and I made this together last night, she poured ingredients in, I stirred, then let her stir.  She has so much fun, "I did it, Mommy!"  So she can help with every step I have her set the timer with Daddy while I pour the batter into the form, and I ask her to count to 5 while I put the cake into the oven. And tell me "Quick quick quick" if I don't do it fast enough, it's cute and she thinks she is helping.

The form is available here online and in most Scandinavian shops, we have a store here in town that sells them (but they have no online presence).

Recipe here

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