Spring is finally here

Our Peter Rabbit has arrived, or perhaps it's Penelope Rabbit?  We have had a rabbit living in our yard for the past few years, just a single bunny romping around nibbling my plants and making itself quite at home. It always finally feels like spring when we see it bounding around the yard.  We're so far north we won't actually see flowers for a while yet, so he's sort of the usher of spring for me. Last year, for the first time, we had 2 rabbits living in our yard, chasing each other around and it was quite fun to watch them cavort and play. They were a boy and girl bunny because early summer we had baby bunnies in one of my whiskey barrels. It was falling apart and needed to be replaced so it made a perfect warren. My father was visiting and cleaning out my yard for me (ISN'T HE AMAZING!?!?!) and when he went to get that barrel ready for planting he noticed the bunnies under a thin layer of dirt. Two days later they were big enough that the dirt didn't really cover them anymore, and a day later they were gone. I managed to take this the day before the parents moved them.  Thankfully, neither of my puppies ever discovered them.

Click on the picture for a much better view

Between being able to open windows in the house and the bunny romping about, I'm welcoming spring around here with open arms. The question is will we have two again this year, and will we have baby bunnies?

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