Spring Cleaning Motivation

It's been approximately 8 years since we moved into this house. This is the longest I've ever lived in one house, I believe the previous record was approximately 3.5 years give or take a couple of months. Spring cleaning has always been fairly easy for me as a result, I mean things hadn't had a chance to accumulate without getting a good purge due to moving. In this house though, the closets are starting to bulge a bit. I finally had enough of the catch-all drawer in the kitchen, it had been three years since I had last cleaned it out and it was worse than last time, significantly so. It was great for about two and a half years or so, then thanks to a mad dash clean up before last Thanksgiving a bunch of stuff had been shoved into it. Well as most of us know clutter breeds more clutter, when we couldn't get to the organized containers below more things got dropped in anywhere it would fit until it was a disaster. So, I finally broke down and purged it again, no pictures this time though.

I have three hall closets in similar states of clutter breeding catastrophe, and a basement and garage that I really need to go through.

The closets really need to have everything pulled out, walls painted, organizing shelves and possibly rods put in... depending on the closet. For some accountability, I'm going to do a public to-do list and share before and after pictures as I go.  I'll break the garage into sections and the basement into sections, otherwise they'll just sit on the list until close to the end of the month.

  • Front Hall Closet - I'd love to add shelves to add some pantry space for a few things we buy in bulk
  • Back Hall Closet - Needs a better shoe storage solution than kick them off onto the floor of the closet
  • Game/Sewing Closet - Wow, just a big mess right now
  • Garage - Gardening/Storage Side - just needs cleaning and organizing
  • Garage - Tool/Workshop Side - needs better storage
  • Garage - Front End - this should be cleared out completely

Actually, realistically this is going to take all month, so I'll probably have to do the basement in May.  Just in case I can start it earlier though, I'll break it down

  • Laundry Room - needs organizing and cleaning
  • Utility/Storage Room - needs organizing and cleaning
  • Rec Room Area - needs serious purging, organizing and cleaning
  • Paul's Den - needs organizing and cleaning
  • Bathroom - Drywall prep, painting, molding, vanity and toilet installed
  • Storage Closet - purging and organizing, maybe install shelving

Are you spring cleaning at all? What projects are you working on?

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