Kirsten's Birthday

My little girl's 2nd birthday was this weekend, and she was totally amazed at a big party just for her with all her favorite things. I planned for outside time so we were lucky the weather cooperated, it rained on Friday and was SOOOOOO cold on Sunday, but Saturday... Saturday was perfect!

Kirsten running around the backyard with her big red balloon on her 2nd birthday

Every year I'll be taking a picture of her with a giant 36" balloon (I ordered it from Amazon), I think it'll be fun to watch her grow into the balloon's size.  Last year she couldn't hold it, and this year I tied it around her waist so she wouldn't lose it since it was so windy.  She ran around the backyard with it tied to her waist holding on to it for about 20 - 30 minutes.  She wasn't ready to let go of it when I finally took it inside so she could play more freely.  The wind was so strong that I made daddy stay within a few feet of her just outside the shot in case the balloon got around her neck.  Thankfully it never did, but her daddy sure got a workout.

Kirsten facing front wearing pigtails

Kirsten facing back wearing pigtails

We put pigtails in her hair for the first time, which lasted all of about 15 minutes. Then out came one side, then the other about 2 minutes later.  So I had to wet her hair down and just leave it, but hey, I got pictures at least!

Backyardigans Cakes, buffet lunch

Kirsten loves the Backyardigans, and I really love how it encourages playing outside and using your imagination. So, I loosely based her party around that, with the weather being iffy for the day of her birthday I had revamped to party games inside for the most part. We were still able to do some tin can shooting and a pull-string pinata outside.  We had 5 6" cakes that I ordered from a local baker, O' For Heaven's Cakes and More. I ordered her first birthday cake and her baptism cake from them as well.  I love baking and decorating cakes, so it seems like an odd thing for me to outsource.  However, with everything else I have to do, it just makes sense.  Plus, their cakes are DELICIOUS!

I ordered the Backyardigans cake toppers from The Sweets Fairy Bakeshop, Jeana was great to work with and they turned out adorable. We ordered a cake for each character in the Backyardigans, from left to right they are: Tyrone, dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting; Austin, fun fetti cake with vanilla frosting; Tasha, Vanilla cake with lemon curd center and vanilla frosting; Pablo, vanilla cake with vanilla frosting; Uniqua, strawberry cake with strawberry jam center and vanilla frosting.  I fell in love with the lemon and strawberry cakes last year during her pink lemonade party, so I had to order those again.  However, I wanted some basic cakes that the kids were more likely to ask for as well.

Kirsten pulling the string on a Pablo (Backyardigans character) pull-string pinata at her 2nd birthday party

Kirsten trying to learn how to whistle

This is our next door neighbor and Kirsten's babysitter whom Kirsten adores. She's trying to show her how to whistle, it was absolutely adorable. Of course, Kirsten couldn't blow hard enough so she would just put the whistle in her mouth and sort of shriek. Poor girl.

Kirsten with a red balloon being held by our friend, Wayne

Kirsten holding hands with her friend, Vincent

It was a fun day with lots of friends and family, we are truly blessed to have her and them in our lives.


  1. What a fun looking party! The photos of Kirsten with her family and friends are wonderful. I particularly love that last shot you posted :) Sweet hand holding.

    Btw, that cake shop seems a great resource. I bought Caitlin's red velvet cake for her birthday party last weekend. A little part of me was disappointed but with a scrapbooking session, school auction, Ashley and my music recital all happening the same weekend I figured I would remain saner if I just bought the cake. Caitlin didn't mind and I ended up having lovely family time when I would have been otherwise making the cake :)

    Kudos to you Barbara. You throw quite the party.(I also loved what you did for her first party).

    Oh, and can't wait to read your guest book idea :)

    1. Thank you, he's her favorite friend. :) They are so sweet with each other.

      It is! I've made cakes in the past for nieces and nephews parties, but I wasn't doing the rest of the planning too. I love making cakes and decorating them, and it'll be easier to do more of that stuff when she's a little older. Right now I have 2 hrs each day between when she goes to sleep and when I do where I can get stuff done and sanity is a good thing!

      Thank you! I loved her first party, soooooo pretty :D From now on it'll be about her loves, not mine :)

      Oooops I forgot about that! I even took pictures for the post. I'll post that tomorrow :)


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