Happy St. Patrick's Day

y dear, dear friends, I have been away from you all for so long. What was intended to be a short hiatus, turned into a long vacation indeed. I've been in hiding a while, but it's time to dust off the welcome mat, put the coffee on and invite you all in to catch up.

The big news, as I've eluded to many times in posts and comments on your blogs, we are adopting and have been waiting for many years. Well, we are currently getting our nursery ready for a baby girl due at the end of April. So, I'll post photos while I'm preparing all of the little changes we make here and there. I absolutely adore the couple that chose us, they are very sweet and are allowing us to participate in quite a few of the pregnancy related activities, like ultrasounds.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Anyone have any corned beef tips to share? I'll be trying my hand at it for the first time this evening.

St Patricks Day


  1. Oh, Barbara! Congratulations!!!! This is so exciting. My sister & bil adopted their sweet little boy almost 2 yrs ago now. What an amazing gift too, to be allowed to visits like ultra sounds. I'm crying because I'm so excited for y'all. *big grin*

  2. Thank you Susan! I'm a bundles of nerves lately... so excited and nervous at the same time. We've been getting girl clothes and hubby went to Sam's last night and thought he'd be helpful and picked up wipes. He came home with enough wipes to last until she's 18!!! Well maybe not, but there was a TON!

  3. Congratulations doesn't begin to cover exhilaration you two must be feeling. Enjoy every precious moment. I know you are brimming over with joy! And welcome back, you were greatly missed.

  4. Oh, Barbara! The tears are flowing I am SO (SO SO SO SO SO) happy for you. Enjoy this special pre-baby time, and sleep now. :)

    How very exciting, I was so hoping you'd be back blogging ... but with news like this? Amazing!


  5. I was so surprised to see you in my bloglines! Welcome back! And I'm so happy for your baby! Congratulations!

  6. Let me know if you need help with anything, I know where you live... oops, that sounds creepy. :) I can get off my couch and walk the 2 blocks over to lend a hand. Or child labor. So glad I can share this secret that I have been holding for the last 4 months!

  7. Thank you! It's good to be back.

    and Becca be careful what you offer I may take you up on it! ;)

    With 1 month to go we are finally telling everyone, so it's no longer a secret... but I do appreciate you keeping it to yourself, you know how word travels in Grand Forks...

    Oh and I have to say, I'm obsessed with bloomers!!! They are the most darling things ever!

  8. Well, congratulations!! How awesome! :D

    A good friend of mine is currently in Ethiopia, meeting her brand new daughter, a result of over a year of joy and heartache...funnily enough, she is also obsessed with bloomers, and has been binge shopping to dress her little girl, lol! That reminds me..I never did post the bloomer set I coincidentally made for her..I think I'll do it now! :D

  9. Barbara, I am so happy for you! How wonderful! :) I hope only the best for you, and can't wait to hear more!!

    Lots of love!



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