Happy May Day!

re you doing anything special for May Day? Making May Day baskets for your neighbors? Making crowns of daisy chains? Unfortunately, it's a little too early to be able to pick flowers and deliver them in Grand Forks, but I'd love to know if you are able to do anything where you live.


I just love this picture of all the May baskets lined up on the fence. Are they awaiting delivery? I imagine that they are.
Photo by Will Merydith

Would you like to make your own May Baskets? Here's a template I created just for my readers. Clicking on it will bring up a hi-res version in Adobe PDF format for printing.

May Basket Template

Just want to say a quick thank you to Jason and Alexis from myTalk 107.1 for sharing my post! I hope everyone had a lovely May Day!


  1. What a lovely idea. I would have to buy flowers here & my fence is a cinderblock wall. I love the photos you've used though.

    Happy May day to you! oh & I remember in elementary we used to dance around the May pole.

  2. AnonymousMay 01, 2009

    What a lovely post! Your photos of the May pole dance and the May Day baskets on the fence are fantastic! I am going to try to May Day basket pattern. Thank you for sharing!

    I love May Day--I think because it is filled with so much promise and hope of the year ahead. I kinda reminds me of a day for new beginnings. Maybe, it is because I adore flowers so.

    Early this morning, I delivered several May Day baskets to unsuspecting friends. It gave me so much joy to bring happiness to others today on this special spring day.

    Happy May Day to you!
    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

    PS-thank you for leaving such a lovely comment at Rose Cottage. Your thoughtfulness made my day!

  3. One of my favorite childhood memories is of making May baskets in the spring to leave as a surprise for the neighbors..I haven't done that in years!

  4. May Day is right around the corner everyone!
    This year to add to your May baskets, you might want to add my new children's book all about May Day!
    It will be out this March and the title is- "Lily Bouquet and a special May Day"! By: Sue Wolfe Published by Tate Publishing. It's a cute love story about May Day.
    Sue Wolfe


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