Using What I Have to Organize

ere are a few scenarios to illustrate what I mean about using what I have:

The first is an example of my vanity drawers, I don't use a jewlery box, but I have a vanity with very shallow drawers for the top 4, which works will for jewelry, safety pins, make up, and small hair accessories. To compartmentalize I use a variety of box tops and jewelry boxes, cut to size if needed. They work perfectly since lids are by default shallow. I've collected all of mine over the years, but if you let friends and family know you'd like them, I'm sure you'll have plenty in no time.

Vanity Drawer

Silver service holding my cotton balls and swabs, a bud vase holding my make-up brushes. Please excuse the white dishcloth background and reflection, silver catches everything and my bright pink shirt was terribly distracting, from both the front and mirror behind.

Silver and Brushes

The olive oil cruet I use for my dish soap on the counter, handy but not big and ugly.

Cruet - Dish Soap

A flowerpot holding decorative scissors in my office. (The scissors aren't decorative, the cuts they make are.)


A corner of my desk, a stone kitchen shelf providing extra storage, a canning jar holding paint brushes in the far left corner, and copper flour and sugar containers holding pens, pencils and scrapbooking punches.

Just a small sampling of rooms in my home using what I have to organize the little bits that I need. We all have the little things that we need, but so easily get lost in a drawer amidst all the other little bits and pieces of life. Keeping them separated and having a spot for every little thing, even if it's just a little spot helps keep everything under control.

Have any suggestions for the spot to organize tomorrow? If not, I'm leaning towards the "junk drawer" that we all have in our kitchens. Mine could use a little reworking, but I'm open to other areas if anyone has any preferences.

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Wednesday: Pick a new area to organize - Drawers
Thursday: Laying it all out and putting it away
Friday: Transitioning to permanent organizing solutions


  1. I keep seeing more and more reasons we're so much alike *laugh*. I use a decorative olive oil bottle with a bar measure pour for my dish soap so it looks pretty in the window and I use old, but clean flower pots for my art supplies.

  2. P.S. I vote for the junk drawer.

  3. I had a larger cruet with a bar measure pour for my soap until hubby broke it, then I moved to this smaller cruet. Didn't really want to go buy something and this worked. The flower pot was a gift from my sister-in-law. I thought it was too pretty to use for flowers

  4. Love love love this post. But if my drawers ever looked that organized, Matt might have a heart attack. :)

  5. Liz: My drawers are neater than my counter tops usually. I kind of got lucky in this house, lots of closets and built-in's. Makes it easier to get and stay organized.

  6. Excellent Barbara! It looks great! :) I love prettying up my bathroom by adding some dainty dishes! :)

  7. WOW! I need to get off the blog and get my drawers cleaned. I really admire your neatness and style!


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