Spring Cleaning

'll be spring cleaning inside the house this month with hopes to have everything done inside by the first day of Spring. The outdoors will get a thorough cleaning out once all my snow melts. Twice a year I go through the house cleaning up, airing out and changing decor. Every September I go through a nesting phase, get everything cozy for the fall and winter. Each March I'm eager to air out the house, shed the heavier fabrics and lighten the decor and palette.

In the meantime, I have a few questions for you.

1) Do you spring clean?
2) Do you dedicate a certain amount of time? If so, how long?
3) When do you usually start? finish?
4) Do you give the house a thorough going through, or do you just do things as you think they need it throughout the year?
5) Do you stick to cleaning, or do you also organize and/or change out decor?

And because spring cleaning makes me feel all housewifey, and I'm in a silly mood...

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  1. 1)YES ~ I spring clean starting right after Christmas all the way through until the snow melts! LOL
    2&3) As Necessary
    4&5) YES!! I do closets, drawers, nooks and crannies. I change decorations, colors, quilts - whatever strikes my fancy to fit with the mood of the time of year.

  2. Ok...I did Spring clean last year and I loved it. I looked up Spring Cleaning on Marthastewart.com and used their outline. It worked like a charm!!!!!

  3. Tamy: your #1 is nutso girl ;) I can't even imagine how that works

    Rachel: I have my own list, but it's similar.

  4. your sisterMarch 04, 2009

    I purge year round (yay freecycle) and move every couple of years... which tends to be when I dust... and that tends to be in the spring... does that count? i know, you're envisioning dust mites from hell aren't you?


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