Spring Cleaning Checklist

've been busy with so many little things that I haven't gotten a chance to get started on my spring cleaning. I'm getting started this week, definitely won't be done by the first day of spring! However, I'm hoping by the end of March.

Here's my quick list if anyone wants to join me:

Spring Cleaning Supplies
Image by James Steidl text added by me

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Wipe down surfaces, walls, trim, fixtures, electrical covers, and windows
Polish silver, brass, copper, and other metals
Wipe down chandeliers and lighting fixtures
Empty and clean out refrigerators, freezers, ovens and vent filters
Replace furnace filters and vacuum and clean all household vents
Dust and vacuum all fabric surfaces
Vacuum or clean lampshades
Clean all window treatments
Wash all windows and mirrors
Swap out storm windows with screens
Swap winter for summer clothes
Swap winter for spring d├ęcor
Replace lightbulbs, batteries in safety detectors and check fire extinguishers
Vacuum and clean all carpets and rugs as needed
Flip/rotate mattress and freshen pillows and couch cushions
Wipe or vacuum out drawer interiors
Clean out closets and cabinets
Repot plants as needed
Start garden seedlings
Hold a garage sale and donate items

Download a PDF version

I also put the list in my left sidebar, I'll mark off as I complete items there. I only have a few hours after work during the week and I need some me and blogging time as well, so don't expect too much to get done on weekdays!


  1. Great list!! :) I shall copy, paste, and apply to my own space! :)

    Ah spring. If I clean will you come sooner?

  2. Definitely! ;) Photos will be up for sure!

  3. Blaze: We can only hope!

    I'll probably do a round-up at the end of the month for people to share whatever they've chosen to tackle if they like :)

    Glad to hear it, I know some art shows don't like people taking photos :) I hope it goes well for you though!

  4. Looks like you're going to be quite busy!

  5. Jerri: I'll spread it out and have help from hubby. It won't be too bad :)

  6. What a comprehensive list! I'm just grateful that there's a few things on your list I don't have to do although I have a few that you don't. I have to watch for snakes & get the dogs to the vet for their annual snake bite anti-venom shot & get the pool opened, cleaned & chemically treated. Plus no screens to change out; too many dust storms!

  7. I think you're supposed to do this spring cleaning business at my house!


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