Friday I'm In Love {16}

'm looking for wedding shower inspiration for a wedding shower I'll be hosting in August. A theme hasn't been decided on with the bride yet, but I'm still looking. You know how I love to host a party! I'm hoping to narrow a few things down soon, like number being invited and a theme, so I can start looking for goodies that will work during the upcoming wedding season.

Pale Pink Waterlily Favor Boxes, Penny candy displayed in glass jars, cupcakes with white and pale yellow frosting tiered like a wedding cake with a small cake top tier decorated with fresh flowers and white lacy paper lanterns over table with wrapped packages

A few ideas I'm loving:
These cute favor boxes by Martha Stewart
Having a candy bar
Serving a cupcake cake, or I may go with mini cheesecakes since I know the bride is partial to them.
I think these would be pretty over the gift table or the candy bar

Have you seen anything especially unique or exceptionally pretty done lately at bridal showers?


  1. Great ideas. I always love those little flag banners, they're so sweet.

  2. How about a memory making shower? each person brings something the bride can use to make a first memory with the groom. (borrowed idea :)!)

  3. I love that cake. I went to one awhile back where the top was cheesecake and bottom layer was white cake but edged with Godiva Truffles.

  4. Liz: Aren't they cute? I'd think it'd be easy to make... Not 100%sure...

    I love that idea Meredith! I'll run it by the bride.

    Tamy: I can't imagine cake and cheesecake together... I could definitely go for truffles though ;)

  5. I keep coming back to this post but I can't ever think of anything since a} it's been so long & b} my friend's showers were all ages ago as well!

    Okay now that I've got that out of the way the only real idea that comes to mind is "time". Similar to the memory one but each guest is assigned a time & asked to bring something that might correspond w/ that time. Lame but you asked! hee,hee

    I LOVE the truffles & cheesecake idea though.


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