20 Little Things in Spring

he full title should be "20 Little Things To Look Forward to in Spring", but well, I just know that will run over in my title space. Do you remember last year when I shared 20 Little Things to Treasure in Autumn? Well once again Melissa of The Inspired Room is asking us to share our 20 things to look forward to in spring. Here's my list and I do hope you'll all join in too! I'm making mine before reading Melissa's, otherwise I know hers might influence my thoughts... Ah, to dream of spring.

Image by danske

  1. Opening all the windows and letting the fresh air in
  2. Hearing the soft tapping of spring showers
  3. The bright yellows and purples of the first irises
  4. The green of the grass and new buds on the trees
  5. Herb seedlings filling my kitchen with their heavenly aroma
  6. Swapping out heavy winter clothes for lighter fabrics
  7. Stashing the candles, throws and heavy decor for simplicity
  8. Washing all the windows to let all the light stream in
  9. Hearing the children's laughter as they ride their bikes in the street
  10. Greeting neighbors as we tend to our winter yard cleanup
  11. Filling window boxes to overflowing with impatiens
  12. Sweeping away the dirt and detritus from the front entrance
  13. Hanging a spring wreath on the front door to welcome visitors
  14. Saying bye to heavier comfort foods as fresh veggies come into season
  15. Image by Lisa at TSS
  16. Walking around the yard barefoot, letting the grass tickle my feet
  17. Giving the house a thorough spring cleaning
  18. Hearing the birds in the morning when I wake
  19. Seeing the cute baby bunnies playing in the yard
  20. Giving Zaya, our cocker spaniel, a haircut after her shaggy winter
  21. Hosting a spring garage sale to clean out the clutter

What are you looking forward to?


  1. Love you spring list! Soon April showers will be right around the corner!

    Happy spring,

  2. Walking barefoot in the yard!!! Can't wait!
    Robin Rane'
    All Things Heart and Home

  3. Can't wait for spring! Let's all think positive.

  4. your sisterMarch 04, 2009

    spring isn't as exciting out here. we get lots of rain and then comes the fog for the summer... BUT! I'll be in Oakland this summer! So hopefully that means I'll have lots of sunshine! Mostly I'm looking forward to the end of the rain so I can take Maya out to run through the muddy creeks and take her home looking like a whole different dog. grinning and dirty as all get out.


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