Thinking of Valentine's Day

wanted to wait until February before posting about Valentine's Day. I've had this sitting in my drafts for a few weeks, but didn't want to start bringing it up too soon. I love Valentine's Day, mainly because it was 13 years ago on that day that I realized I was really falling for my hubby and that we'd potentially end up together forever. As it turned out, I was right, and the memory of the first time I had that realization has given it a bit of a special place in my heart.

I usually try to give a gift of time or an experience rather than a day to give chocolate, gifts, or other stuff. For example, a few years ago I took the day off and completely cleaned and organized his office for him. Last year I planned a scavenger hunt of sorts, I left him with a clue to a restaurant here in town and he had to come find me, from there he had other clues leading us to each of our next planned activities, eventually leading back home.

This year I'm thinking of doing a year of Valentine's. 12 valentines, 1 per month to be opened over the course of the year each with a planned day accompanying it. I feel fairly safe posting this, because, well, he doesn't read my blog. (Nicole, Jen... please keep it a secret) That's the benefit of blogging about homemaking and decorating. So anyway...

February: Lucky Stiff
March: An afternoon of snowpeople and hot cocoa
April: Dinner at L'Bistro with live Jazz music
May: Thinking of a Twins game, but it could get expensive (6 hrs away)
June: Go Karts at Thunder Road
July: ND State Fair
August: Medora Musical and Pitchfork Fondue
September: Rollag Threshing Bee
October: Picnic at Icelandic State Park, Snow Contingency Plan: Game Night
November: Murder Mystery evening
December: Pack a picnic basket with goodies for looking at Christmas lights
January: An afternoon of sledding and ice skating

What are you planning for Valentine's Day?


  1. Hubby is one lucky guy! What a sweet way to say Happy Valentines. It is one of those days that should be like Christmas and Thanksgiving ~ celebrated all the time. Kudos for keeping that spirit alive.

  2. So sweet of you!! Thanks for sharing some Valentines Day ideas!!

  3. Oh great!!! what a nice post on love. Thanks for providing such a nice article. Wish u Happy Valentine's Day. It would be great if you elaborate it more. Your comment at my will also be appreciated

  4. How beautiful. I have to admit, the last few years we haven't done much. Jeff is a BIG flowers guy, and he usually sends/brings me flowers. He can get away with that, as he sent flowers after our first date when he had to break our second (his father passed away and he needed to go home to help his mom ... and he thought of some girl he had had ONE date with? Yeah, I knew he was a keeper!). So, flowers have a very special meaning for us.

    As to what we are doing this year, we are keeping it simple. We think we are taking Miss Emi to a play (kids' play), quiet evening at home with (if the stars all align and Emi actually goes down easily) a movie and some cuddle time. We have brunch at a really nice place planned on Sunday morning. Simple, but that works for us.

    I love your idea, simply love it. I may have to borrow it ... someday. :)

    Cheers, Kiy

  5. Tamy: Thanks... I hope it works out like I imagine...

    Calli: Thank you!

    Varun: Thank you, I'll share more later this week.

    Kiy: I'm hoping it will be motivation to do some of the things we always talk about doing, but never get around too... like Medora... Once I get the envelopes all together, I'll take pics for the blog :)


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