Monday Musings {42} - Michaels

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"When life inspires our home, our home will inspire our life."
-Melissa Michaels

Melissa has a blog The Inspired Room, I wrote this quote out a while back and stuck it to my inspiration board in my office, thought I'd share it with you today.


  1. I love this - we were certainly in the same wave length this week!

  2. I just visited Melissa's blog - very inspirational. Great quote!

  3. Oh my, this is perfect. And hey, I'm actually early this week!

    Cheers, Kiy

  4. Tamy: as usual! :)
    Auntie Q: She's one of my favorites. I always save her posts until I have a bit of time to really enjoy them and all the lovely comments and people linked up.

    Kiy: Isn't it? I love it... Yay!!! that's for being early! :)

  5. That is really right, Barbara. Nicely said and very meaningful. Thanks for sharing.

    I played this week too!


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