Good Things - Beautiful Books

his book is almost an "obvious" choice since it's a Martha Stewart Living publication. Although, with all the books she's put out I only have 4. Can you guess which ones? I actually think the choices tell a lot about me, and not necessarily who I am, but who I want to be.

Kiy, a dear friend of mine, made a comment earlier today, which made me realize that she thinks my house is spotless and I'm perfectly organized. My dear Kiy, my house is not spotless... and I'm not perfectly organized. I will even share proof! My office looks closer to the before than to the after right now. Shhhhh, it's a secret! Now that I've shared it, I'm motivated to clear the desktop this week. Besides, I have a few projects for this month to share and I have to get going if I plan on finishing them.

My trick is to never let it get to the point where you just give up. Yes, life gets busy, rooms get cluttered... and even dirty. Creativity breeds messes... snippets of thread or paper, light layers of flour, stacks of books and post-it's. If I cleaned it all up every time I was done for the day until I had time to get back to it, I'd never finish a project. I'd spend too much time in setting everything up and getting comfortable! So I leave it, until I finish... sometimes this is a matter of a day, sometimes it's a few weeks. It all depends on how detailed the project and how busy my life is at the time. Eventually it all gets picked up and put away, but you can ask my hubby. A clear surface is just begging to be covered with a new project in this house! Especially a clear kitchen counter, it's just begging for a light dusting of flour.

What does all this have to do with beautiful books you wonder? Well, Good Things keeps me inspired to cover every surface with projects, as opposed to getting them put away!

Good Things - Cover

I love books that are not only beautiful, but also serve a purpose and are practical. I do have some that are simply beautiful, but they don't get pulled out and looked through nearly as often as ones that inspire me to action of some sort.

Good Things is a "best of" compilation categorized into seven overall topics: entertaining, cooking, celebrating, giving, gardening, decorating, and homekeeping. Given the content of my blog, this is perfect.

Good Things - Contents

Each section is filled with little projects and things you can do, and the basic instructions needed to accomplish each project.

Good Things - Cooking

One of my favorite ideas is the dinner kit from the Little Luxuries page in the Giving section.

Next time you're a weekend guest, give your host one less meal to worry about. Line a galvanized-steel pail with a dish towel, then fill it with everything needed to make dinner: spaghetti, tomatoes, fresh basil, crusty bread, mozzarella, and Parmesan, and flowers for the table.

Good Things - Little Luxuries

I absolutely love this gorgeous hanging bouquet of roses and think it would be lovely hanging from the door of the guest bedroom when company is coming to visit. You will need to nestle a container of water in the base of the cone for the flowers.

Roll a piece of fine-mesh brass screen into a cone shape and secure the seam with straight pins. Add a loop of wire for the handle.

Good Things - Roses

I will be working on organizing recipes next week, which is why I have the book out in my peruse pile this week.

Good Things - Organizing Recipes

There are so many ideas and projects in this book, I'd never be able to do everything that I want to try, but it's great to have around, bookmarked for a rainy day.

Oh, the four Martha Stewart books I currently have... Let's see... a book on organizing, a homemaking bible, a cookbook, and a book of pretty projects... that about sums it up! (Back to the question)


  1. Love the cone of roses - so pretty.

    LOL It is nice to know you're human, but I remember that desk post. It's like you said no one is Martha, not even Martha when it comes to that perfect pristine house ALL the time. She has a large staff to make it happen, the rest of us go it alone, so clutter happens.

    My house is the same way, an empty surfaces begs for a project. I just can't help it!

  2. I was going to say what Tamy said, if I had Martha's staff my house would always look like her books/tv shows too! :)

    I had to laugh when I read this today. I had a feeling that your house wasn't always perfect (only my mom's is, shhhh, don't tell her I said that, lol!). But I do think you are willing to do what needs to be done for yours. Your comment of don't let it get to where you give up ... maybe that's where I am right now. I have so much I need to do, and no enthusiasm to get it done.

    Funny, I was just thinking about posting about a few books. Children's books, but still. Great minds. :)

    Cheers my friend, Kiy

  3. Tamy: You have a mind like a steel trap, you are always quoting me back to me and I have no clue how you can remember everything I say... so close to exactly what I said even!

    Kiy: If I had Martha's staff they could do my cleaning and setup for me... ;) then things wouldn't sit out for so long until I have time to finish them, or can't take it anymore because I don't I won't get back to them for a while. I try...

    Children's books are good too... I've been making a list of the books I want to share and I have a few kids books on as well :)

  4. Well here you are! You have not been showing up on my bloglines so I thought you weren't posting|! Welcome back, except you're not really back, you were here all along!

  5. yup... still here... not sure why bloglines isn't liking me though... I'll take a peek and see if it's something I'm doing

  6. I love how organized you are and what fun inspiration you find!!

    Your blog is a good thing! ;)

  7. Barbara, I wanted to let you know...I received your email and sat down last night to reply. My email was done, was okay this morning (when I didn't have time), down again now. Ugh.

    That said, I took what you said to heart and am kicking my butt in gear. Will give you the deets when I get my email back.

    Cheers, and thanks. I think that email was *exactly* what I needed!


  8. Blaze: Thank you, that's such a sweet compliment!

    Kiy: Just sharing my story, wasn't intending to be a kick in the butt... but I'm glad you found it motivating. Let me know if there is anything I can do, or any info I can share!

  9. I wish I had more time to be organized. Most of my house tends to be messy, so every night I find myself jamming toys into storage containers (sometimes with my daughter's help).

    I always thought that closets were for stuffing, too.


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