Friday I'm In Love {13}

've been drooling over the gorgeous letterpress in Sarah's Etsy shop, things are better with a parrott, since seeing them mentioned on perfectbound earlier this week.

I'm absolutely loving this letterpress card in particular:

I didn't buy it, but I did pick up this set of 5 Peony Note Cards, so pretty! Not letterpress, but gorgeous nonetheless.

Ez of Creature Comforts recently opened her own Etsy shop, Wren & Chickadee. She always has the most adorable crafts and free bits available, plus her photography is just lovely with an almost ethereal quality to much of it. I'm just loving this "Taste of Summer" print set in her shop.

One last thing that I did get for my niece and nephew in Florida for Valentine's Day are these Dine and Doodle mats from LilBDesigns. They are too young to read my blog so I feel safe posting it. She has so many fabrics to choose from and also has Roll.n.Go Crayon totes. So cute! She posts giveaways she's donated to on her blog.


  1. Fun Fun Fun - I love them ALL. I'm off to ETSY to check them out.

  2. I couldn't pass up the Peony cards! I had another little bit to share, but it wasn't Etsy, so I'm saving it for next Wednesday :)


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