The White House Blog

id you know the White House has a blog? I know this isn't the typical thing you will find on my blog, but I thought I should share this. I went looking for a transcipt of the inaugural address this evening when I got home and discovered that as of noon today the White House has a blog. I was pleased to see it, I think any open communication between the government and the people is a good thing. Now they just need to allow comments, although knowing spammers that might not be the best idea. Perhaps an open forum once in a while allowing two-way communication would be good.

What do you think of this development?


  1. Blogs rock!! If one has something to say, there's no better place! ;)

  2. What a great idea! But it probably wouldn't be able to last very long. They can only ward off spammers for so long - it would get out of control. Don't ya think? There are those bad apples all over the place!

  3. It will be interesting to see how blogging works for them!

    Happy day,

  4. I hope they keep it up, even without the comments, I think it's a good development.

  5. What I think is great is Obama's weekly Youtube address.


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