Theme - Cocktail Party Basics

n easy approach to party planning is to pick a theme and work with it. It's always a little easier to plan everything and have it mesh if you start with a theme. Whether the theme is simple or complex, it gives you something to tie the menu, drinks, decor, and invitation around.

This week I'll pick 5 different themes and build a cocktail party around each of them.

Broadway Nights
Sex and the City
Carribbean Getaway
Mexican Fiesta
Girls Night Out

Have any other theme ideas?
For Christmas I like Winter Wonderland
For Fall I like Autumn Harvest
Halloween is a fun time for a cocktail party, especially if you can get your hands on some beakers and test tubes for cocktails

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  1. I can't wait to see where all you take us with this. What a fun FUN idea!! What about Mardi Gras, Prohibition Speakeasy (Rum Rebellion) or Klondike Gold Rush with fondues and sourdoughs?


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