Routines with Kids: Chore Charts Update

t's important that children understand the importance of helping with housework and taking pride in a job well done. I've discussed this before during September Shapeup, and since then chore charts brings more people to my site than anything else. So I thought I'd update you on a few of the things I've found since then.

I found a great site, DLTK, which will dynamically create a chore chart for you to print out. You can choose between black and white, which your child can color in, or color. If you laminate it you can use a dry erase marker to mark items off and wipe clean each week, or you can just reprint or create a new one each week. If you have older kids you can choose no image, or add your own.

Exmples of black/white for your child to color, and full color chore charts.

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If you'd like more of a vintage feel, help yourself to one of these images or search google for vintage chores.



  1. Great pictures! I love chore charts! :) I should make one for myself. :)

  2. I don't quite use a chore chart for myself. More of a checklist! But I like the idea of a chore chart for little kids with pictures representing their chores... but I was kind of looking for vintage looking, or pretty pictures, rather than plain old clipart :)

  3. I love chore charts for kids! They really do help them learn time management, rewards and consequences as well as a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.

  4. i love those vintage pics!!! what a good idea!

  5. Very handy! My kids are nearly grown now, but I wish I'd had something like this.


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