Just a Minute... In February

ust a simple reflection on February, I'm joining in with Just A Minute over at August Street.

Reading... through all my magazines, cookbooks and recipes, paring down and being ruthless about what to keep.

Making... a package to send to Florida with cute magnets, paper toys, doodling placemats and assorted goodies for my niece and nephew.

Watching... my favorite shows aren't on right now, so I've been watching American Idol and reruns of The Big Bang Theory

Listening... to Alison Krauss in the evenings to help me sleep, her voice is sooooo soothing.

Loving... tumblr, I finally decided to see what the big deal was... I love it... look there for a photo or two or three each day.

Dreaming... of a latte in a not so quiet cafe in downtown Charleston, SC, spending an hour perusing the selections in Manifest (which is probably no longer there, but hey, I'm dreaming), sitting on the steps of the Customs House watching the people milling around on Market St.

Baking... cream buns for Bolludagur, spring cut-out cookies for above mentioned package

Want to join in? Visit Jenaveve over at August Street


  1. It all sounds quite nice! I will check out the links.

  2. Thanks :) Join in if you like... Jen is a sweetheart


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