Invitations - Cocktail Party Basics

our invitation will set the stage for your evening and build anticipation for your guests. I've come up with sample invitations for each type of affair.

Broadway Nights - I'm thinking a little more formal, possibly black tie. The black and white of the invitation would be echoed in the table decor. I'd keep it formal, but simple like the invitation.

Sex and the City - Similar to the Broadway Nights, this is a sort of formal Girls Night Out. Black and white with accents of pink, and lots of glitz and glam.

Carribbean Getaway - Think Key West, Jimmy Buffett, Pina Coladas, and lots of beachy pastels.
Invitation Caribbean Getaway

Mexican Fiesta - I wanted informality and bright colors to complement spicy, flavorful, casual food.

Girls Night Out - I have a much more casual girls night out in mind for this one... good friend, games and wine.
Invitation Girls Night Out


  1. These are so cute! I especiall like the Sex & the City one. So fun.

    Hope your having a great new year!

  2. I love these! I especially like the idea of a nice invitation instead of just calling people or inviting them in person. An invitation just gets guests in the mood, plus it's an excellent reminder of when and where.

  3. Thanks Liz! I am so far :) Glad to see Winston found his owners.

    Thank you Janet, I usually spend a bit of time on the invitation... setting the stage, so to speak :) Plus it's fun!

  4. These are all wonderful! I especially love the Carribean Getaway - maybe too much snow? LOL But I love dressing up so would really love the Sex in the City and Broadway nights too!


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