Happy Birthday and Blogiversary Kim!

Kim over at Forever Daisies is celebrating her birthday and her blogiversary today. Swing by and wish her a Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

Vintage Birthday Party


  1. Oh Happy Birthday to Kim! :)
    And yes! I've seen polyvore before, but have never ventured in! Shall I??

  2. You are So Sweet! Thank you!

  3. Aw Happy B-Day Kim! And Barbara! How cute is this graphic? Love it.

  4. Blaze: Of course!
    Kim: You're very welcome, sorry I didn't get over to your blog yesterday... but I'm glad you saw this :)
    Liz: Thanks! I love it, it's my standard birthday graphic. I keep looking for new vintage birthday images, but this is still my favorite.

  5. I LOVE the picture! Now to see her blog :)!


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