Decor - Cocktail Party Basics

he invitation set the mood for the decor for our parties, now to follow through. I'm going to start with the two more formal parties today, and follow up tomorrow with our casual parties.

The idea here is not to go out and buy all new stuff to host your party, these are more like inspiration boards. Think about your theme and then go around your house gathering things that will fit with the theme and use them to decorate and to create a centerpiece. Try to see what you have in a new way. In this case I'm reusing the tablecloth and plates, really you could reuse the candlesticks and placecard holders as well. I like using the placecard holders to hold cards identifying dishes, if anyone has food allergies you can identify potentially worrisome ingredients on the back of each card.

Broadway Nights Cocktail Party Decor
Broadway Nights:
Milan Black Square Plates $5.99 for 12 at Party Source
Silver Placecard Holders $3.60 for a 12 pack at Rosemary Company
Silver Candlesticks $25.49 for 2 at Metro Market
White Tulips with Julep Cup $70 by 1-800-flowers
Classic White Table Cloth $22 - $40 for 1 at Crate and Barrel
Monogrammed Napkins are available at wedding supply stores usually around $10 for 50


Swerve Martini Glasses $69 for 8 at Swank Martini Company
Milan Black Square Plates $5.99 for 12 at Party Source
Floral Arrangement $67.99 at FTD
Cork Placecard Holders $12 for 8 at Uncommon Goods
Classic White Table Cloth $22 - $40 for 1 at Crate and Barrel


  1. Wow, makes me wish I could plan a cocktail party. What great ideas!

    Been thinking of you, and really just wanted to stop by and say 'hey'! :)

    Cheers, Kiy

  2. Those are great ideas Barbara :)

  3. These look fantastic - just imnvite FUN!

  4. Check out this cocktail art from the Cocktail Gallery.


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