New Layout and Christmas

pdated the blog look for winter, this is what I did today instead of finishing up my list. I'm a terrible procrastinator! I just got the urge to make some changes and instead of doing the myriad things I have to do before Christmas, I played with Photoshop instead.

I haven't sent Christmas cards in years, well since starting this job. This is the busiest time of year for me so I tend to not take the time to do a lot of the little things. Next year I'll address envelopes in March or April, then maybe I'll get them done. I'm going to try to address envelopes over lunch the next week.

My Christmas To-Do List:
Write Christmas Cards
Wrap Christmas Gifts
Bake Cookies
Finish homemade gifts
Plan Menu for Christmas Day
Shop for hubby (everyone else is done!)
Plan New Year's Eve Murder Mystery

I'm sure there is more, I just don't want to think about it. For now we're fending for ourselves and subsisting on whatever we can scrounge out of the cupboards. Featured Blogger series will be on hold until January. I hope you all stay with me until then.


  1. Ooooh, your New Years Eve sounds fun. I mapquested my house to yours ... 19+ hours. I bet with a toddler it's double. Now, if I was Bewitched ...! hehe

    It does sound like fun. So glad to see you posting again, I missed you. Love the pretty new blog design. So festive and gentle.

    Cheers, Kiy

  2. Kiy,
    I just hope I can pull it off. It's for 4 couples, the trick is picking the right 3 to join in.

    I'm actually surprised it's only 19 hours, since west of us it's mostly hills to mountains. Oh how many times I wished I could wiggle my nose and something would happen. No wonder her house was always spotless ;)

  3. love the look of the winter blog. i love different looks for the holidays and different seasons :)


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