Christmas Day Menu

lanning is essential to making any day run smoothly. After breakfast we'll be traveling to visit with his grandmother for a few hours, so times are approximate. However, if we are back by 2pm everything will go off without a hitch. I picked dishes that I can prep in advance.

My sister-in-law always hosts Christmas Eve, so I just have to bring a dish. I'll be bringing a couple of Buttermilk Pecan Pies and a big plate of candies and cookies.

Breakfast (8 am)
Breakfast Casserole - Recipe coming!
Breakfast Potatoes
Cinnamon Rolls

Appetizers (2pm - 3pm)
Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip
Hummus - I buy mine

Dinner (4pm)
Ham with a Brown Sugar and Mustard glaze
Noodle Kugel
Candied Brandied Sweet Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Spinach Salad - Spinach, Mandarin Oranges, Toasted Almonds & Poppy Seed Dressing

Dessert (6pm)
Caramel Spice Cake - Recipe Coming!
Hot Buttered Rum

Movie and Game Snacks (after Dessert)
Caramel Corn - Recipe Coming!
Cookie Tray - Recipes Coming!
Remaining Appetizers


  1. Oh my. I am still planning our dinner but wow, why bother. I bet we could be on your front doorstep by 2ish.

    Thanks for sharing! Love the recipes.


  2. There will be plenty of food, and I'd be so elated if you showed up! Too bad we don't live closer... The internet is great because it brings people together from so far away... but at the same time it'd be nice if we also had transporters to close the physical distance once in a while for a cup of coffee.

  3. What a great menu...

    Seeing the breakfast casserole reminded me; one year I thought it would be good to make one, but added too much and when puffing up, it overflowed into my oven....

    When Bay was old enough to ask, he said he wanted blueberry muffins for breakfast on Christmas morning, so that's what we have had for all of these years.

    Except for the one described. Don't think I'll be messing w/ the tradition anymore... =)

  4. Thank you for posting the meal times. I'll be sure not to be late! LOL I love your organization!!

  5. Monique: What a way to start Christmas morning! Blueberry muffins sounds simple and delicious! I'm sure the boys aren't as concerned with breakfast as the gifts under the tree.

    Tamy: I'll pull up an extra couple of seats for you :)


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