All Handmade... Mankind Mag : Issue Five

s most of you know, my favorite design blog is Design For Mankind and Erin is the featured blogger this week.

Her fifth issue of Mankind Mag came out last week and it's focus... handmade. As often as possible I buy handmade goodies for friends and family as gifts, the items are so much more personal than stuff from a big box store. Plus, you can then support artisans whose work you adore rather than a faceless corporation. So, I just loved perusing this issue. Oh, and she interviewed Claudia Helming, the founder of DaWanda. I just love DaWanda, I could lost in it for hours!

I love the cover of this months mag so much, that I didn't try to pull together snippets from throughout the mag like I usually do, but then I've always been a fan of paper dolls.

Go check it out! I'm so demanding, aren't I?


  1. So fun! I'll definitely have to check that out! I will totally be pushing handmade gifts this year in my family! It makes for really creative gifts, and is a bit easier on the pocket change too! ;)

  2. Blaze,
    I'm doing the same. Not sure how well it will be received, but I'd much rather support artisans than big box stores.

  3. Me too! I think my family will deal with it well.

  4. Awww, thank you for your sweet words, my dear. :)

  5. Thanks for the lovely recipes! Psst! I have a wedding update on my blog... I know you're curious about details!! ;)

  6. Ahhh cool! I downloaded that issue a few days ago. It's excellent!


  7. This is VERY cool, I'll check it out this afternoon. I've purchased all my x-mas presents from Etsy so far, I refuse to spend a dime in the mall. Not one dime. :)


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