Monday Musings {24} - Camus

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
-Albert Camus


  1. Oh I like that - perfect for how I feel about Autumn!

  2. Very nice. And so true.

    I was out this afternoon w/ Brendon taking pictures of the beautiful colors. And then of course that led to taking pictures of him yanking them off the trees to give to me in handfuls. =)

  3. Autumn leaves have always been my favorite part of this season. We just started sweeping them this morning and I keep the joy of the season even through all the countless sweepings by remembering to admire the leaves as I sweep :) Thanks for the lovely quotation Barbara.

  4. Hi Barbara. Thanks for linking me up this morning. Not a problem. Very helpful. I set my entry to auto release on Monday mornings so that it actually gets posted amid the morning bustle to get the girls to school. Then I try to squeeze in time to read blogs when I can later. I found myself very keen to head over to you ASAP to link up and was surprised but pleased when I saw it up. Now it's time to go read everyone else's contributions...


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