Halloween Traditions

With Halloween almost upon us, I'm just curious if you have any traditions for this time of year?

Jack O Lantern-Trick Or Treat

These seem to have become my traditions.

1. Carve pumpkins into jack o'lanterns
2. Roast the pumpkin seeds
3. Make caramel apples
4. Make hot apple cider and hot buttered rum
5. Have at least 1 firepit where you are bundled up and in sleeping bags
6. Go to the pumpkin patch and choose pumpkins that are almost too heavy to carry, cajole hubby into carrying them to the car for me
7. Put together goody bags for my nieces and nephews for Halloween night
8. Listen to Monster Mash, Freaks Come Out At Night, Thriller, Purple People Eater and The Time Warp at least once
9. Watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show
10. Watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds
Clean the seeds
Let them air dry 24 hours, stirring a few times in between
Sprinkle with 1 1/2 Tbsp oil per pumpkin (I use peanut oil)
Sprinkle with salt
Toss until coated
Place in oven at 250 for 20-30 minutes stirring every 5 minutes or so
You want the seeds to be lightly toasted
Sample and salt as needed


  1. You'd think we lived right next door to each other and did these together this list looks so familiar!

  2. The boys and I watch a string of Halloween specials and cartoons.

    It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is my personal favorite that I force them to watch, sadly they are still very uninterested in it.

    They choose instead to watch the flashy new Halloween cartoons. Bren's favorite that came out just this year but will be around for many to come is, Spookly the Square Pumpkin.

    We of course decorate the house. Sometimes not until the last minute ((like tonight)) but we get it done. I will be watching Rocky Horror Picture Show too. No one else will watch it w/ me, but I definitely will....

    Oh, and we're carving pumpkins tomorrow night.

  3. I watch Hocus Pocus every year... and eat lots of candy. Oh yeah, and pass out candy while Matt scares the kids by running out from behind the house. :)

  4. Thanks for entering the Mabel's House contest to win my debut suspense novel, SISTERS OF MISERY! Even if you don't win, I hope you get a chance to read and enjoy it!

    Megan Kelley Hall

    P.S. Happy Halloween!!

  5. I've noticed a lot of parents saying their kids are uninterested in Snoopy and Charlie Brown. I wonder if it's the simplicity in the cartoon style, or if we just love it as adults because of nostalgia?

    It's kind of funny that he doesn't like to be scared, but doesn't mind doing the scaring :)

    I put it on my list for this winter already :)

  6. Happy Halloween Barbara!

  7. I LOVE roasted pumpkin seeds!


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