Front Door Decor - Halloween Edition

Front Door Decor Halloween
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Entry - Fall

I keep Halloween pretty simple, so it can last through for Thanksgiving.

Front Door Fall

The pumpkins in the pots are actually going to be our carving pumpkins. They've been replaced with pumpkin topiaries, which I hope to get better pictures of this evening to share.

{Edited: Here are the pumpkin topiaries}

Pumpkin Topiaries

The jack o'lanterns lining the driveway 2 years ago, hopefully we won't have snow yet this year. I'm always worried about carving too early and having them rot (happened once). So we carve ours the weekend before Halloween.

Jack O Lanterns

Jack O Lantern-Trick Or Treat

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*UPDATE: I allowed Mr. Linky to expire so sadly I no longer have the links to the doors shared*


  1. I love it, the pumpkins look really great! I had that same experience a few years back with rot during an Indian Summer weekend and wait to do the around the 29th now. I sure hope we don't have snow before Halloween, but at the rate it's going lately...

  2. Hey Barbara, looks like we both had the same brilliant idea to show front doors this week! Your door looks great. I was really wondering about that snow...glad you don't have any yet!

    Haven't seen you for awhile, hope you are well!!

    Happy Fall,

  3. I'm off to take a pic of my door! Love love love the blue on your house- that's like my favorite color in the whole world! Can I have your door please??

    Be back with my pic later

  4. Oops, I blew it. I didn't realize that today was the DAY! :)

    Miss Emi and I have some errands planned, and one now added is getting my list (thankfully already made) of goodies. Will decorate, photograph and link up ... but will be a day or so late.



    P.S. I love your front door, wow, that's keeping it simple? :) I remember having snow for H'ween when I was a kid in Michigan. Yuck, it was no fun, no fun at all. But I love the carved pumpkins lining the drive ... gal, you must have a ton of energy (or love coffee as much as I do!).

  5. Tamy: Yeah, we've had snow the last 2 years... just 11 more days snow free please... Can we order that?
    Melissa: First, LOVE the new haircut! Second, great minds think alike ;) Doing well, need to catch up, sorry I have commented much. I've been reading posts several days behind and not commenting.

    Tara: You can have my door! I actually want one with a little more privacy :) Can't wait to see the pics of your door!

  6. Kiy: You can be late, I don't mind... Well Paul does a Jack o'Lantern and I do one, and then I usually do one for the dogs, silly I know. Thanks, I do try to keep it simple, since I like it to stretch the whole season... :)


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