Routines with Kids: Daily Routine

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Just like we have routines, children need routines. If they do the same thing every morning, and when they get home from school or daycare things will go much smoother. To make the mornings easier decide what the pain points are and address them in the evenings.

Have a young child that insists on picking their clothes, however inappropriate they may be for the occassion or weather? Put together outfits at the beginning of the week, let your child choose which to wear each day. They can pick any outfit, but it has to be the entire outfit together. Give them one day to wear whatever they want and smile when the purple polka dot shirt, orange striped skirt, blue socks and red shoes come out of the closet.

Have a child that just can't wake up in the morning? Move their bedtime up in the evenings and give them an alarm clock and set it across the room so they can't hit snooze.

Have a child that can never decide what they want to take for lunch? Let them pick out their snack for the week at the grocery store, and prep lunches the night before to eliminate the discussion.

Taking care of a few things in the evenings will help make the mornings go smoother.

To make your evenings a little easier, start it a little earlier. When they get home from school or daycare, allow for 30 minutes or so of downtime, whatever they want to do. However, after that, they should get their homework done and their chores. If evenings are so swamped that there isn't enough time to get everything done in a reasonable amount of time, consider cutting back the after school activities.

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