Routines with Kids: Consequences and Rewards

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So, what do you do if your children know what is expected of them and they choose not to do their chores? The key here is the word choose. There are always occassions like Finals, Midterms, large Projects being due that deserve a break for a week. First, is the complexity of the chore reasonable for their age? How about the number of chores?

There are 2 kinds of chores, those that are expected as a member of the household, and those that are extra done for allowance or extra money. Obviously if extra chores aren't done then there is no monetary gain. However, what about the chores expected of them as household members, picking up after themselves, making their bed, etc.

Rewards and Consequences go hand in hand. There should be some reward for getting their chores done, maybe 10 minutes of tv or game time earned for each chore done, with a bit extra if it's done every day all week. The consequence of not doing that chore is losing those rewards. Obviously, the rewards need to match the age of your child. But it should never be time alone with mom or dad. That should be something they get every week regardless, and not something in danger of being lost.

How do you handle the rewards and consequences of chores?

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