Question: Homemaking and Decorating Blogs

It's question time again, I'm forever looking for new blogs and sites, and came across a new homemaking one yesterday from a new commenter, Mom2My9. So, I thought I'd turn to my favorite resource, my readers!

I've found several great blogs and sites while perusing your blogs, following your commenters to their blogs and I'd like to know what your favorite resources are for Homemaking and Decorating blogs and sites.

My favorite blogs are easy. See that huge, long, always getting longer list in the right column at the bottom. Every single one of those blogs is in my feed reader and they are my "go to" blogs for inspiration, laughs, homemaking tips and decorating advice. Every time I try to cut back, I just can't.

Now, I know they aren't all homemaking and decorating, so I'm going to share my top 5... er 10... hmmmm 20...

Ok, top 5 homemaking and top 5 decorating blogs, and top 5 homemaking and top 5 decorating sites. A girl's gotta draw the line somewhere, right? So, without further ado:

Top 5 Homemaking Blogs
There's No Place Like Home
Foxgloves, Fabric and Folly
Posie Gets Cosie
Angry Chicken

Top 5 Decorating Blogs
The Inspired Room
Absolutely Beautiful Things
All Things Bright and Beautiful
The Nesting Place
Villa Anna

Ok, that was seriously hard to narrow down!!! There are so many personal blogs that qualify as homemaking or decorating, but I wanted to pick blogs that have strictly a homemaking or decorating focus.

Top 5 Homemaking Sites
Martha Stewart
Southern Living
Better Homes and Gardens
Pioneer Thinking
Home Made Simple

Top 5 Decorating Sites
HGTV - Decorating
Southern Accents
Traditional Home
Architectural Digest

What are your favorite homemaking and decorating resources?


  1. Those are some great blogs Barbara :)

  2. I follow several of those also and my reader list keeps growing too - never can seem to pare it down!

  3. Hi Barbara, Just stopping over from Heidi's blog. Nice to meet you. :)

  4. Thanks Sandra!

    Tamy: Hmmmmm I think I know what you mean ;)

    Lynn: Thank you for stopping by, and especially for commenting! I hope you come back! :)


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