Organize the Living Areas

What's the Homemaking September ShapeUp! all about?

Family Room

First we decluttered, then we cleaned, this week we're going to go through and organize. There is no way to organize the entire house in a week, unless it's a tiny house. So, let's just pick our biggest pet peeves and do those.

The living areas are in pretty good shape for me, just the Music/Movie/Magazine area needs work. So I'll be organizing that area. I had already ripped all my CD's to a computer a while ago and packed up most of them and put them in the basement. I still have a few left to pack up and the movies, well that's just a mess.

What are you working on?

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  1. Oohhh... yes, I need to organize my little desk! With all my painting lately, I've gotten a little out of control! ;)

  2. WHEW! 3/4 of the way through September and you have me exhausted - LOL - thanks I really needed that!

  3. You have a lovely blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I thank you for sharing such wonderful posts.

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