My Weekly, Monthy and Yearly Routines

What's the Homemaking September ShapeUp! all about?

In addition to daily routines, I also have weekly, monthly and yearly items listed. My weekly routine is still based on my last house and definitely needs some modification, it's just not working for me very well anymore.

So I'm starting with Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning is Trash Pick Up so Tuesday will be my Errand/Grocery Shopping/Clean Out the Refrigerator day. Wednesday will be Pick Up Day, it's when I do quick clean as needed and menu planning and grocery lists for the following week based on what was on sale when I did grocery shopping the night before. So, that makes Saturday morning my Quick Clean morning, since it splits the week in half. And one weekend day has to be Family Day, so that's now Sunday. Friday night is always date night. So, that leaves Monday evening and Thursday evening free for either Paperwork Night or Project Night. I'll make Monday evening Paperwork Night, so the bills aren't sitting in transit over the weekend. So Thursday Night is my Project Night. Ok, so now that I've taken you through how I chose my nights, go ahead and allocate your own nights.

Here's my new weekly routine:

Sunday: Family Day
Plan something fun for today, take turns.

Monday: Paperwork and Misc.
File papers
Write letters and cards
Write thank-you notes
Clean out purse
Mend clothes and polish shoes
Pet care (Flea and Heart Meds)
Clean out car and check fluids
Clean laundry room

Tuesday: Grocery and Errand Day
Make sure menus are planned before you go shopping
Check grocery list one last time. Don't forget it!
Grocery Day
Errand Day
Buy gifts and cards
Clean out refrigerator
Put away groceries
Empty all the trash

Wednesday: Pick Up Day
Midweek Pick Up, as needed Quick Clean
Deep Clean based on your monthly routine
Clean cycle for stove, every other week
Go through deep freeze, opposite week to clean cycle
Menu plan and grocery list for next week (using up what was on sale and from deep freeze)

Thursday: Project/Free Day
Work on any projects: paint, pastels, scrapbook, etc.

Friday: “Date Night”
"Date Night"

Saturday: Quick Clean Day
Don't spend more than 2 hours!
Go through magazines and catalogs
Change sheets
Wash Shower Curtain
Follow Quick Clean Lists for each room
Finish any Deep Cleaning

Monthly Routine
If you deep clean 1 room at least once a month, spring and fall cleaning is a breeze.
Week 1 : Kitchen
Week 2 : Dining & Living Areas
Week 3 : Bedrooms & Entrances
Week 4 : Bathrooms & Extra Rooms

If the month has a 5th Pick Up Day move the Extra Rooms to that week.

Yearly Routine
6th: Take down all Christmas decorations, leave Winter Decor

1st: Plan Saturday before Valentine's Day

Spring Cleaning!
4th Week: Spring Decor

1st: Easter Decor
Weekend After Easter: Take down Easter decor


4th Week: Summer Decor



Fall Cleaning!
4th week: Fall Decor

7th: Halloween Decor

1st: Take down Halloween Decor
Friday After Thanksgiving: Holiday Decor
Saturday After Thanksgiving: Holiday Party

This is an insanely busy month, but very personal, so this is all open for you!

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  1. It's amazing how the day the trash is picked up affects our entire routine. I know when we moved into this house, it disrupted my whole way of doing things. Our last house, pick up was on Thursday or Friday if there had been a Monday holiday. Here pick up is before 9AM on Monday with zero leeway in that time and they work all holidays so if we happen to be out of town, we have to wait 2 weeks for trash pick up. Plus you can't put it out the night before because of the wildlife so I have had to alter everything to accommodate their schedule.

  2. Yeah my week revolves around trash pick-up because I don't want anything sitting in the garbage can in the garage for too long.


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