How Do I Clean?

What's the Homemaking September ShapeUp! all about?

This week I'm deep cleaning the house, I'll share my daily/weekly routines, plus my deep cleaning check lists.

I always work from top to bottom, so vacuuming/sweeping is done last. There is reasoning behind this, as you clean items, the dirt or dust will drop or drift down. If you start by vacuuming, as you clean, the furniture the floors will just get dusty and dirty again.

I rotate through my house starting in my least used rooms, then through to the most used room, so:
Living Room
Dining Room
Guest Bathroom
Master Bathroom
Master Vanity/Closet
Master Bedroom
Family Room

This way I'm not tracking anything from more frequently used rooms into the lesser used rooms. This will vary for your home, but the concept should be the same.

In each room work from top to bottom, for each area we'll go through the quick clean and the deep clean checklist throughout the week. Until then, here's a general overview:

Cleaning Items

Cleaning supply check list:
All Purpose Cleaner (mine works well on glass and mirrors)
Wood Conditioner
Soft Cleaning Cloths
Fabric and/or Air Freshener (Optional)
Floor Cleaner for Hard Floors
Vacuum Cleaner
Trash Bag and 2 Bins (Decluttering Tools)
Laundry Basket

A lot of people swear by feather dusters, this is why I don't. I own a feather duster, and I do use it for quick dusting from time to time. However, if I'm REALLY cleaning, this is why I don't use one. This is from my shelf which gets the dustiest, it's near electronics and all the static electricity is like a dust magnet. The feather duster picked up a lot, but not everything. It's hard to get a camera to focus on white, so it actually even looks worse in person. Upper left corner of the cloth:
After Feather Duster

Quick clean overview:
Throw all the trash away
Put any linens in the room in the laundry basket
Pick up all items in the room
Put any items that belong in another room in 1 of the bins to put away
Put any items you are going to sell or donate in the other bin
Wipe down all non wood hard surfaces with 1 cloth and all purpose cleaner
Wipe down all wood surfaces with a different cloth and wood conditioner
Vacuum all soft surfaces (furniture)
Vacuum the floor
Vacuum around the edges with the edge tool
Wash the floor, if hard surface

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