Declutter the Dining Room and Entry

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Dining Room

For everyone just joining in I'll be explicit, for everyone doing this daily with me... by the end of the week, you could probably write the posts for me. It'll be old hat.

Just like yesterday, I'm still decluttering, but this time the dinette, the dining room, the foyer and the back entrance. I'm combining these because for me, they don't get that bad so I can do each quickly. Again, don't dwell on just 1 item, don't get sidetracked.

First, grab a trash bag and the same 2 totes you used yesterday, again 1 is for donate/sell and 1 for put away items for other rooms. As you are going through the areas and run across items that don't belong, put them in one of the totes. Again, don't leave the areas to put them away yet.

Go through the areas quickly and throw all the trash in the trash bag and also everything that is broken or no longer functional. If you run across an item you no longer need/use/want and it's in good working order, put it in the donate/sell bin. If you have china cabinets or other cabinets, open the drawers and doors and do a quick glance for donate/sell or trash items. Don't get sidetracked and organize yet, we'll do that next week.

Take one last glance around the area and look at the decorations in the area and look at it with new eyes. Do you love it? Does it work? Is it just there because it's always been there? If you decide you don't want to keep it, put it in the donate/sell bin.

Now, take the bin of items for put away, and put the items in the appropriate rooms.

Now that we've done a basic decluttering go on over to Tamy's for Essential Pantry and Refrigerator Items to make menu planning quick and easy.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder to open the cabinets and drawers, I so often neglect these the most! I also like the tip to decide if you love the decorations or not and to see them through fresh eyes.

  2. One of the things that I learned from FlyLady is "Pretend to be a Realtor", I actually have a reminder that pops up once a month to do this. Walk through the house and pretend to be a realtor and take care of the little things that you tend not to see after a while.


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