Family Information Sheets

What's the Homemaking September ShapeUp! all about?

I started Family Info Sheets on each person within our immediate families so that I can track information needed for gifts and, for very immediate family, medical information. I just ignore the areas that don't apply to that person.

Tamy mentioned that she includes a list of gifts given and received here as well. I do have that information, but in my contact sheets, so I'll have those available tomorrow with those. I'll have that Word doc available as well, so feel free to modify these to suit your purposes.

We're almost done with the Home Manual, tomorrow I'll post pics of my overhauled Home Manual. The only other things I have are my bill schedule, which is simply a list of days of the month and the bills due on those days. And my Perpetual Pantry and Menu Plan Sheets, which I'll share on Monday with Kitchen Organization. I hope this has been helpful in creating your own Home Manual.

Here's a Family Information Sheet for you!
Email me for the Word Document if you want to adjust it for your personal use.

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