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What's the Homemaking September ShapeUp! all about?

There are a lot of family calendar options available if you are the tactile type that has to write something down. Personally, I keep my calendar in Google Calendar. It allows me to have a separate calendar for each of us, as well as a general calendar for family events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc). I even create a Hockey calendar every year for the UND Hockey schedule, so I can tell if we have a home game that weekend.

Every year I update the general calendar and print out a listing for the Family Calendar area in my Home Manual, and then a week before the next month I print out a month view version of the Google Calendars with all events turned on for the Home Manual. I can then quickly jot a new event down while on the phone, without having to check my calendar on the computer.

I have a housekeeping calendar with my weekly, monthly and yearly routines on it. I can share this if there is any interest in looking at it.

I have a blogging calendar that I maintain in Google Calendar, though I don't include it for the Home Manual.

I also have an adoption calendar with various appointments and important dates related to the process.

Each calendar has it's own color code, so I can see at a glance what appt applies to what person. It's really very nice.

Here's a September Calendar for you!
Email me for the Excel Sheet if you want to adjust the routines.

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  1. We tried separate calendars and it just didn't work so we went to one for the family that stays on the wall and then I still keep a small organizer style to take with me. A couple of years ago I found the greatest wall calendar for the house and every year look forward to the new one.

  2. Gotta do what works for you.
    The google calendars, even though they are separate, all show up together so it's no big deal to maintain them. It's just like adding a category to the appointments. By having them separate though, I can pick and choose what is shared and who I share it with. I share my work calendar with my boss, my personal one's with hubby, my blogging one is private.

  3. Wow! I wish I was this organized. Thanks for coming by and I'll look forward to seeing you next Monday! Have a great one!

  4. I try to be this organized... this is the time of year when I normally fall apart and you'll find me in a corner with a glassy look in my eyes repeating "No more, can't handle any more" over and over again... Trying to prevent that this year.


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