Do You Have A Home Manual?

What's the Homemaking September ShapeUp! all about?

We're going to create or update our home manuals this week. What is a home manual? A home manual or home journal has everything anyone would need to run your household. On any given day, someone should be able to flip open your Home Manual and take over your household management in case of emergency. Keep it somewhere handy, I keep mine in a china cabinet drawer in my dinette, along with post-it's, pencil and dry erase marker.

My home manual contains:
Emergency Contact Sheet
Daily Routines
Weekly Routines
Monthly Routines
Yearly Routines
Weeks Menu Plan with Recipes
Grocery List
Perpetual Pantry List
Quick Clean Lists
Deep Clean Lists
Family Calendar
Family Info Sheets
Bill Schedule
Contact Information

My home manual is a 3-ring binder with glossy sheet protectors, and alpha tabs organizing the contact information area. The high gloss sheet protectors let me mark off items as I do them. It is in need of updating, so I'm going to be redoing it this week. If you have a spare binder or folder, paper and a pencil you can create a home manual too. If you're a perfectionist, don't worry about that for right now, you can type it all out and make it pretty later. Right now, it's more important just to get it down somewhere.

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  1. We're so much alike some days it scares me. Mine also has my household inventory in it as well as copies of important documents, insurance policies and such. I put it together when we lived in the mountains of So Cal and had to evacuate so often. It was the first thing I grabbed to take with us.

  2. We have two fire safes, the first is a large one in Paul's office with documents, but copies, passports, etc. are in a small portable one in our bedroom closet that we can grab and go if needed. The in case of emergency sheet tells where everything is.


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