Decorating for Fall: Living Areas

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Brooke Giannetti of Giannetti Architecture & Interiors via Desire to Inspire
First we decluttered, then we cleaned, then we organized, this week we're going to go through and decorate. Decorating is the fun part!

Fall doesn't have to mean "fall colors". Oranges, yellows, golds, reds, rusts, browns... these colors are synonymous with fall.

However, this room is all neutrals, yet still feels like fall. The natural materials in the basket and the shells and the weathered feel of the table add to the feeling, yet they'd look perfectly at home in the spring. It's the little touches like the cable knit throws tucked into the couches readily available for cuddling on a crisp autumn day and the crackling fire in the fireplace that make this feel like fall.

If "fall colors" aren't your thing, add your touches in neutrals... white gourds and pumpkins, cream knit throws, white candles. Colors like wheat, oatmeal, cream work with almost any decor and can easily transition between seasons.

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  1. Hi!
    I'm so glad you liked my living room.
    Your take on it was very interesting.
    I never thought about the fact that I do
    use texture rather than colors to give my room the feeling of fall.
    I'd love you to look at my blog and my website.

  2. Brooke,
    And here I thought it was deliberate. I just loved the post when I saw it on Desire to Inspire and loved the neutral palette and textures you used to give the feeling of fall. I bookmarked your blog when I wrote the post, so I'll be checking in :)

    Thank you for stopping by.


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