Decorating for Fall: Dining Room and Entry

What's the Homemaking September ShapeUp! all about?

Fall Dining Room

First we decluttered, then we cleaned, then we organized, this week we're going to go through and decorate. Decorating is the fun part!

Entry - Fall

For the entry I keep it simple, just a wreath and a copper pot full of eucalyptus brances by the front door. However, for the dining table I love coming up with centerpieces for our dining table.

This bouquet is going on the dinette table:
Kitchen Flowers

Last year I posted my favorite centerpiece options for Thanksgiving, they all apply for fall as well.

I did something similar to this last year:

I'm going to do something similar to this this year:

I just need a few more white gourds. I bought a bunch of mini-pumpkins the other day, but I need more.

Aren't they cute?
Mini Pumpkins

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