Decorating for Fall: Bathrooms

What's the Homemaking September ShapeUp! all about?

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First we decluttered, then we cleaned, then we organized, this week we're going to go through and decorate. Decorating is the fun part!

I actually think bathrooms like kitchens are one of the easiest rooms for adding a touch of fall.

10 Autumn Ideas for the Bathroom Under $10
1. Hollow out a small pumpkin, fill with wet floral foam and use as a vase for a floral arrangement on the counter.
2. Use Autumn scented handmade soaps
3. Add scented candles like Ginger Pumpkin votives
4. Add in some neutral texture with Natural Bath Sponges
5. Line a small basket with fall leaves and fill with pinecones, nuts and other small fall ephemera
6. Change out your shower curtain hooks
7. Add a coordinating fall colored hand towel
8. Wash a still pliable yellow, gold or red leaf gently with soap and water, place in the center of a cream ceramic soap dish. Secure leaf with a hot glue dot or scrapbooking glue dot, and use soap dish.
9. Add a cozy bath rug to the floor to take the chill off in the cooler mornings.
10. What's your favorite autumn decorating tip for the bathroom?

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